Who We Are

In December 1995 the Canadian Government announced the National Marine Policy, which outlined the federal government’s plan to modernize and rationalize the Canadian marine transportation system.  The Port Divestiture Program was a key initiative within the policy and was designed to let local interests acquire public ports in their area.  The program was implemented in April 1996 and involved the transfer of ownership and operation of regional/local ports from Transport Canada to other federal departments, provincial/territorial governments, or local interests, including municipalities.  As a result, authority and responsibility for most of the ports across the nation were transferred to local interests.

In October 1996, Transport Canada signed a Letter of Intent with the Strait Superport to enter into negotiations for the transfer of harbour and port assets at the Strait of Canso.  In February 2000, the Mulgrave Marine Terminal and the Port Hawkesbury Government Wharf were transferred to the Strait Superport.  The harbour bed management and regulatory control of shipping in the Strait of Canso remains Transport Canada’s responsibility.

Since the transfer agreement, the Mulgrave Marine Terminal and the Port Hawkesbury Pier have both underwent wharf reconstruction.  When the Port Hawkesbury Pier was transferred, the wharf was in need of a complete replacement.  In February 2001, the old wharf was dismantled and construction of a new wharf began, a $2.4 million project.  In 2002, approximately 300 meters of the Mulgrave Marine Terminal’s south berth or 60% of the overall berthage space at the Terminal was reconstructed, a $4.2 million project.  Today, both marine facilities are fully functional and are used by a variety of vessels year round.

In 2003, further infrastructure improvements took place at the Mulgrave Marine Terminal and included a new 35,000 square foot secure warehouse facility, offices, storage areas, wharf resurfacing, and secondary access roads.  The 35,000 square foot warehouse facility contains two 10,000 square foot bays, one 7,500 square foot bay, and one 6,500 square foot bay; all complete with front office space, if required.

In 2005, the Strait Superport purchased the 15,000 square foot industrial building located at the south end of the Mulgrave Marine Terminal from Farocan.  This facility contains 10,000 square feet of warehouse space and 5,000 square feet of office space.  The building is currently leased by Point Tupper Marine Terminals, a marine oil spill response organization.