Growth & Development

The Strait of Canso is one of the few remaining ports in the world with the unique combination of a deep, ice-free channel and thousands of acres of unencumbered industrial land available for development.  Sites such as the provincially owned Bear Head and Melford Industrial Reserve are well positioned for heavy, marine-based industries.  In the Strait of Canso, urban expansion does not conflict with industrial growth in the port.  Industries are welcomed at the port and the vast areas of industrial land allow investors to design and build state of the art facilities that maximize efficiencies.

Maher Melford Terminal is planning to develop a new container terminal, intermodal rail facility, and logistics park along the Strait of Canso when constructed.  This new terminal will employ the latest technology to ensure lowest cost, maximum efficiency, and state-of-the-art security.  It will be the closest deepwater port to Europe and the Suez.

Existing Regional Utility System Map