Regional Highway System

The Strait of Canso is served by a series of local and regional highways that connect with the national Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) system.  TCH 104 serves much of northern Nova Scotia and crosses the Canso Causeway, where it continues as TCH 105 to serve Cape Breton Island.  TCH 104 also continues through the province of New Brunswick on TCH 2.  Regional Highways 344 and 4 serves the west and east side of the Strait of Canso port, respectively.


There are three existing airport facilities serving the Strait of Canso area and include the Port Hawkesbury Airport, Sydney Airport and Robert L. Stanfield International Airport.  The Port Hawkesbury Airport is a local airport located 3 km east of Port Hastings on Trans-Canada Highway 105.  The Sydney Airport is a regional airport and is located 145 km (90 mi.) from the Port, which is approximately 1.5 hours by road.  The Robert L. Stanfield International Airport is Nova Scotia’s principal airport and is located approximately 245 km (149 mi.) from the Port, which is approximately 2.5 hours by road.

Regional Rail Road System

Rail service in the Strait of Canso and Cape Breton Island regions is provided by Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Rail Road (CBCNS) with direct connections with Canadian National Rail Road (CN) mainline track in Truro.  The CBCNS rail line extends from Truro to the Strait of Canso.